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Final Essay

       The god part of South Central are the people, Friends, and family. The things that can improve are the gangs, vilonce, and fights. Liveing in South Central is good i like liveing here. I like liveing here becuz of all my friends.

       The first event i talked about was the Watts Riots. This is important becuz this is why latinos and blacks have rights. I picked this event becuz it stood out to me and i liked this topic. It showed me all the things i didn’t know about. The reason that the people where rioting was that a man was pulled over and the police arested him his mom and his brother.

       The second event was the LA Riots. This is important becuz i live in LA and i didn’t know about most of the things we talked about. This topic stood out to me two, it did becuz of all the things we talked about and the things i still want to learn.  People in my class liked this topic to. I find hat all the things that happened in LA at te time was wrong and that they could of found a nother way of solving the problem.

       The third event was Gang History. I picked this topic becuz some of my family members used to be formore gang members. Now i can tell them things i think they didn’t even know. Another reason that i picked this is becuz gangs are the foundation of LA. After the riots Gangs started forming. But if is was not for gangs we would of still been getting bugged by white people.

        The Three events where Watts Riots, LA Rots, and Gang History. What i think the future holds for South Central are less gangs and less vilonce. But it’s up to the people that live here not just one person. If the community works together tomake South Central better they can it’s not that hard. The only problem is the people that live her are to scared to make a change.

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